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Earn Money with calligraphy

Updated: May 4

In this blog

1.Become calligraphy teacher

2.OBSTACLES for start teaching

3.How i can HELP you

4.Introduce Calligraphy worksheet

5.Share some learning stuff

As the social media artist grows, calligraphy is becoming more popular.Many artists know calligraphy well. They make good videos on it and get good appreciation for it.Are you one of them? Congratulations for that.

Do you earn money with your calligraphy?


It's OK but don't waste your talent from now.

Today I am telling you some easy way to earn money through your calligraphy.


Yes, then it's good . You are already making money with your talent.

No, don't worry i am one of you.

Many people are talking about making money with social media and YouTube monetization and bla bla... but all that takes a lot of time and effort.. right??i believe this. And I don't have much time to wait for monetization for money.

And I'm sure you also don't want to wait for monetization to earn money.. right?

Ok let's go to the point now.

Earn money with calligraphy

there are too many ways for earning money from your calligraphy talent but today we are talking about the easiest and long lasting way to earn money.

Easiest way to earn money with calligraphy.

Become a calligraphy teacher.

you are good at calligraphy and you have enough confidence that you can teach calligraphy to others, you can become a 'calligraphy teacher'.

What you can do as calligraphy teacher?

calligraphy teacher
1.start offline classes

You can start calligraphy classes at your home or anywhere you want.

If you start classes at home, it's beneficial for you. because you don't need to pay any extra rent money. Now the question is How to start?

you can try some of these ideas which i write below.

1. you can frankly visit your neighborhood and tell them about your classes.

2. you can print advertisement and distribute with newspaper. (in my startup days i preferred to distribute pamphlet by myself.because I didn't want to waste my money at that time when i just start something.and don't have enough money to spend. but it's all up to you)

3. You can advertise in the newspaper

4. You can run advertisements on social media, it also works better.

5. Talk about your classes on your WhatsApp group and families.

Don't hesitate to talk about your classes. Who knows when you get a new student.

2. Take a workshop.

If you don't want to running long time classes, you can organised short workshop. choose one types of font and Run one or two days workshop. This is best option for those who are busy with other work.

online workshop
3. Start online classes

If you are good at online knowledge, you can start a online calligraphy classes. you can use ZOOM, MEET or any video meeting platform for your classes. ZOOM was very popular and free platform for classes during quarantine. You also can try this.

4. Online workshop

online workshop is going more popular nowadays. people want to learn fast as they can. you can take this as new opportunity. plan something short learning lessons or fonts. just remember one thing for online workshop be aware of fraud person. always take your money in advance because after workshop they will disappear and you will never find them .

OBSTACLES for start teaching

Inner fear

first step is always hard. whenever you start something new, you feel nervous, experience some kind of fear. Don't worry it's common, everyone feel same but You start with some courage and than everything gonna be alright. take deep breaths and start whatever you want.

Lack of material

If you're thinking of downloading some photos from Google and giving them to your students, don't go that route. First you don't get good quality and second you don't get complete content in one place.


It's easy if you have complete pattern of learning of each font from start to end. you can give easy demonstration with traceable worksheet and give your student to practice also. calligraphy PDF worksheet is too expensive. I know I know.. but we have solution for you we provide cheapest in price not in quality. I created this worksheets for my friend who want to teach calligraphy. she is really happy with this and her students too. so i decided to share this worksheets with you.

check out this calligraphy worksheets,

Dip pen /Copper plate calligraphy worksheet

this worksheet included

-Basic storks
-Uppercase alphabets
-Lowercase alphabets
-Words for extra practice

Vivaldi calligraphy worksheet

Vivaldi is the most beautiful font and my personal favorite. it is rare to find this font's practice worksheet and specially tracing worksheet. But we specially design this worksheet for easy teaching and its also helping in self learning.

This worksheet included
-Basic storks
-Uppercase alphabets
-Lowercase alphabets
-Words for extra practice

Brushpen calligraphy worksheet

With brushpen most of the artist do MODERN CALLIGRAPHY , and modern calligraphy is always done with lowercase alphabets. that's why in this worksheet we only include lowercase alphabets.

this worksheet included
-Basic storks
-Lowercase alphabets
-Words for extra practice

Ringlet calligraphy worksheet

If you want some simple and elegent than riglet is for you. this simple letters is so adorable.

this worksheet included
-Basic storks
-Uppercase alphabets
-Lowercase alphabets