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Brushpen Calligraphy

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Hello …!

First let me introducing ' What is Brushpen?'

The brush pen is similar to other marker pens but has a softer brush instead of a nib.

you can do modern calligraphy with paint brush also, but using Brushpen is more easy and fun instead of paint brush. still its all your choice.

You can easily understand with picture I shared.

There are lots of Brushpen available in the market, some are too much expensive and some cheap and sometimes its cheap in quality also. So don't waste your money to try them out. I suggest you some good option.

1.Camlin Brushpen

If you just started your calligraphy journey, I strongly recommend Camlin Brushpen to you. Its budget friendly and quality Brush pens. That unique pointed Brushpen shape helps you get better strokes.

(click this photo if you want to buy Camlin Brushpen)

2.Tombow mono Brushpen

I don't think i need to write anything about this super Brushpen. still allow me to say something, super smooth and finest quality Brushpen are there, that is Tombow mono. they have almost 100 variety of colors, but little bit expensive, That's why I m not recommend this for beginners. you can try out after you become intermediate. Still you want to buy, here are some good color option, you can click on photos for buying.

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