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Watercolour guide

Updated: May 15

Many beginners felt that watercolour is tough and messy media, but this is not true. Sometimes beginners make some mistake which I did in the initial stage of my learning. Here I will share some things that I wish someone had told me this earlier when I started learning watercolors. I am sure after reading this Your watercolor journey is going good.

1. Papers

Using the wrong type of paper spoils your work. If you are like me who don't care about brand and GSM and bla..bla..bla.... So just remember one thing....
" For watercolour always use very THICK paper."
Thick paper allow you to work with lots of water, in same time light paper might be tear.
Here are some of my favourite which I used for my watercolor work.
---Canson watercolor paper
---Brustro glue pad(any glue pad is good for watercolor)
---Fabriano 200gsm
---Brustro watercolor paper

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2. Brushes

After papers second most important parts are brushes. I did my first watercolor painting in 2005 at my school, that was my elementary exams days. I was always feel that watercolor is not for me, it's so messy, most of the time my paper was tear, and I never get a better result with water color till I got Knowledge about materials..
First l used flat and round brushes for my watercolor work. It is fine but not a best. When i used flat brush for sky, I always get lines which appears always. Round brush is better than flat one. I thought this before I used MOP brush.
Mop brush allows you to use more water with your brush, a color flow on paper perfectly with mop brush. it's best for wash. After using a mop brush, you would say, its the best brush for watercolor.

Click photo to Buy Mop brushes.


Mop brushes give you less lines compare to flat or round brushes. You can use small round or liner brush for detailing. Mop brushes hold more water compare to normal brush, It's make easy flow for your wash. Be aware for natural or synthetic hair mop brushes. I recommend natural hair. check description before you buy.


Before applying paint, apply a coat of clear water to the paper and use enough water to mix your colors. Sometimes a dry brush can ruin your work, paper, and even your brush. This is small point but very important that's why I share it.

4. Waiting for drying

Before applying second coat, be sure your first coat is totally dry. I am not telling this for watercolors. Wet on wet technique is best for watercolor. Wet on wet means apply colors and water until you satisfied..
After you are done with your base and starting some object or any line drawing make sure that your base coat is totally dry.
Remember this all the times when you do detailing also coz wet paper affects your details. Wet paper fade your fine lines.

5- Don't do overworking

Most of the time in Watercolor it's good to being Messy but it's also important to stop yourself to do overwork. Go with flow but stop doing over work.. Using brush strokes again and again in same place may damage your paper.

6- Microtip pen/Technical pen

In Watercolors Microtip pens is better option than liner brush. Sometimes it's difficult to do that thin line with brush, Microtip pen is the one of best and easy option for do that thin lines.
Some artist use Microtip pen before coloring.

Whenever you do Watercolors just remember these all points and I am sure it will help you.

Here I have shared some of my Watercolors process video I hope you like it.

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In this video I share some tricks for this Car headlight. I hope it will help you out.

Watch this wet on wet technique and try this easy painting

Some time you can use outsider materials like marker, water soluble pencils. In this video i used Water soluble pencils for make easy rose. Checkout this easy technique

Sunset is the one of best choice for watercolor.

last line

chose a correct paper and brush will make your journey easy, Nothing wrong in giving time to try and do error. Hope you learn something with me. Stay connected with ArtDimple91 with help f social media.

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Don't be afraid to make a mistake. Every mistake makes you better.

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