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Draw Lips with me..

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

This is my first post with new thought and that thought is "writing a drawing tutorials".

Let's start with the materials guide.

Materials I suggest

Option-1 :- Mechanical Pencil, Eraser
Option-2 :- Graphite Pencils and eraser.
( I used Mechanical Pencil for draw this )

1. Understanding the shape

Before you start the drawing it's good to understand the basic shape, it's help you to draw lips easily. I share IMAGE below so you can understand easily.
As you see in image upper lip and lower lip are define some basic shapes. observe them. Start with that center standing line (actually that is a cross if you watch carefully, start with that).


As you see in picture you find one heart and two ovals. Now see difference between left and right sides ovals. You found one long and short oval, Right?
That is because this is not a front view lips, it's little bit side view.


For understand lower lip you can imagine two puffy oval touch the center standing line, same as upper lip, one oval is long and big from other. Keep in mind when you draw this. Lips is not completely close, it's little bit open. Teeth are always tricky for beginners. (it is ok, if you feel like that, after some practice YOU CAN MAKE IT EASILY. I believe in you, just keep going) Common mistake is make just standing line for teeth, observe that upper little triangle and different space and size in all teeth.
All drawing guidance is complete now, you can use this image as your reference image. If you you using graphite pencil, draw with HB or B pencil.

2.Teeth Shading

I love to start with the tricky part coz after that just enjoy remain.
Before you start shading of teeth, erase that all basic shapes. Now start to fill teeth with lighter pencil shade ,don't fill that white space, leave it that highlights. For those triangles and corners of the lips use a dark tones, but don't forgets that middle tone.
Personal Advise :- shading teeth one by one, It will save you from confusion.
If you find difficulty in that highlights with eraser or left space just, use a white gel pen for do that white highlights. Keep in mind without highlights your drawing is dead.

3.Lips Shading

'Prevention is better than cure'

If you want to draw a realistic sketch, you have to mark that each and every details you find in your reference pic.
Here we add that all lines, we can find in our picture. I found that after applying basic shading, it's hard to create mini details. I share that method which felt me easy.
After add all lining details start basic shading and complete upper lip.
If you are using graphite pencil, always start your shading with 2B and then go with darker pencils. During shading try to leave that Highlight space or add highlight with white gel pen or white paint.

After finish upper lip completely start lower lip with marking details.
During shading always observe light, dark and middle tones. it's helping you to get good result.
As you show in picture upper lip is dark near teeth, that help your teeth stand out.
Always remember that whenever something light in your sketch, next that light shading always something dark and that help your sketch contras.
So, Never afraid to do some dark parts.


After complete all parts of lips, don't forget shadow. actually it's not shadow of any object but it's skin around lips. Doing some skin part make your lips drawing live.

we all done, I hope you like this post. stay connected for more post. Draw this lips and share pic with me, Always love to see your creation.

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I tried my best to write what I actually feel but I am always accept suggestion.

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