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Graphite sketch (All you need to know)

Updated: May 14

Material guide

For sketching you need some materials guide. For basic sketching starting with graphite is a good option. For start graphite sketching you need some kind of materials.

  1. Graphite pencils

  2. Blending tools

  3. Graphite powder

  4. Block Graphite

  5. Mechanical Pencil

  6. Erasers

Let's understand materials with this video.

It's not necessary to have this all kind of materials for sketching, You can start with just HB, 2B, 4B, 6B or 8B, ERASER.

Let's understand Graphite more please keep reading

1.Graphite pencils

Graphite pencils are classified as either soft black (B), hard (H), hard black (HB), and firm (F). The degree of soft black, hard, hard black, and firm are then further classified by numbers, the higher the number the higher the intensity.

The 16 degrees of graphite pencil hardness are: 8B, 7B, 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, F, H, 2H, 3H, 4H, 5H, and 6H. Graphite pencils with hardness degrees of 3B to 8B are ideal for artistic, pictorial drawing with their very soft to extra soft, very black graphite. Graphite pencils H, F, HB, B, and 2B are ideal for drawing and writing with our B (soft black) pencil being equivalent to the traditional No. 2 pencil. Lastly, graphite pencils with hardness degrees varying from 2H to 6H are ideal for technical drawing.

2.Blending tools

There are many tools we can use as blending pencil strokes like Blending stumps, ear buds, tissue paper, clothes, cotton, brush.. watch this video for better understanding.

3.Graphite powder

Powdered graphite can be bought in bags or pots or made by hand – you can use a pestle and mortar to grind solid graphite into powder, or just collect the sharpening from your solid graphite sticks in a jar or just buy from Art store.

4. Block Graphite

Blocks of soft graphite allow for bold, broad strokes. The shape and size encourages you to break from the conventions of a thumb and finger grip, opening up a whole new relationship with the paper.

5.Mechanical Pencil

Mechanical pencils have very fine cores which are typically available in harder grades. Due to their slim gauge they don’t need sharpening, making them ideal for technical drawing and uninterrupted, linear sketching.

What is the best way to sharpen graphite?


For the best results, always keep your pencil or graphite stick sharp. Pick a pencil sharpening approach that gives you the length of point you prefer. As well as a knife or a regular sharpener, you might also try a høvel – an adjustable hand plane that allows you to achieve any angle of point required.

Be aware that sharpening solid graphite pencils on a regular pencil sharpener will blunt the blade much faster than it would with a wooden pencil – for solid graphite, try rubbing the tip on sandpaper to achieve a point instead.

Now you know all about materials, let's start with basic sketch of apple.

Take your pencils and start your sketching journey now.

Most of the people start sketching but most of the time one question bother them:-


Don't worry i have solution for you. I write some interesting subject list for you to draw.

Object list you can draw.

  1. A hat

  2. A cupcake

  3. A houseplant

  4. A cup and saucer

  5. Glasses

  6. A chair

  7. Your open pencil case.

  8. Your feet.

  9. Your hand.

  10. A shell.

  11. A stack of books.

  12. Some old shoes.

  13. Your phone

14.Something shiny: a spoon, a trophy, a tap

15.A ball of string

16.A leaf, either green or autumnal.

17.A self-portrait. Use a mirror or your phone

18.A rose.

19.Your earphones or headphones.

20.A landscape.

21.Create your own still life of pots, pans and bottles.

22.A tree, branch, twig or stump.

23.A button.

24.An old lamp.

25.A pepper (capsicum) cut in half.

26.A fish.

27.A smile.

28.A chocolate bar.

29.The view from your window.

30.A vase of flowers.

Don't worry about result in early stage. just keep practicing and don't stop. Here I gave you 30 idea to draw . Pick whatever you like an start drawing.

All the best .

I believe you can do it.

share your drawing with me. I love to see your work. You can direct mail me at

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